The Ground Rules

We will be exploring some sensitive topics on this blog, so it may be helpful to understand our core beliefs about pain. These will be the foundation of everything we write.

1. Pain is real. Regardless of whether the origin is in the physical body or the brain, it is real.

2. Pain is what the person says it is. No one can say what another person's experience is or isn't.

3. People with pain are not lazy, malingerers, fakers, or drug seekers. They don’t just want a “free ride.”  These words will be regarded like profanity around here.

4. Disability (change in function) related to pain is not a character flaw. It is not a sign of a weak will or lack of motivation. Adding blame or guilt to yourself or others doesn’t help the situation.
5. There is no miracle cure. We would love to eat our words on this one. For now, we are wary of any company or person trying to sell a product or technique that promises to magically alleviate all pain and make life easy again.

6. People with pain are not "pain patients". Everyone is a human being first, and no one should be defined by a condition, illness, or symptom.

7. What works for one will not work for all. Every person will need their own unique combination of methods to manage their pain. There are many ways to move towards health.

8. We do not know everything. We do know some things through our personal, educational, and professional experiences. But we believe we can learn something from every person we meet, and we welcome you to share with us.