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  • For health professionals:
    • What is your discipline and role in pain management?
    • What have you learned about pain?
    • What have your patients taught you?
    • What resources do you find helpful?
  • For people with pain:
    • What do you wish health care providers understood?
    • What do you wish the people around you understood?
    • What is your story?
    • How has pain affected your life?
    • What have you learned?
    • How do you cope?

  • For family and friends:
    • How do you feel about pain?
    • What do you do to support them?
    • How does it affect you and what do you do to cope?

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  1. Onefire here from #Happify :)
    Living with pain each day is a challenge for me as I have family who needs caring.
    My condition is not as severe as that of others, however it causes discomfort and frustration.
    I have been very active prior to an accident I had, and finding myself in this situation brings emotions at times.
    Having chosen not to abide by painkillers and other medication (having researched side- effects), leaves me vulnerable.
    However my way of dealing with low grade pain is the following.
    I remind myself that my health is a responsibility I must embrace.
    I have spent the past three years, researching, requesting and learning more about healthy foods that are suitable for my condition (brittle bones).
    I have tried various approaches to exercising.
    Most of all I have not given up in trying to nurse myself back to health or at least maintain its present state.
    Recently I am more aware of what my body tells me and do my best to slow down when the warning of overdoing it is there.
    Also changing my mindset to that of a brighter one has contributed greatly to my recovery.
    I created a page on FB called Pearls of Happiness where I encourage people to practise acceptance and gratitude.
    All the above has helped me not to feel helpless as well as provide support for others who need it.
    Blessings and smiles xo